About our solar panel cleaning service

We at Eastern Solar Panel Cleaning use the latest technology which has been imported and designed by Karcher solely for solar panel cleaning. The cleaning fluid we use is designed for cleaning of solar and photovoltaic panels, glass and plastic coating, anodised and normal aluminium frames. It is designed for the removal of persistent dirt such as bird droppings, pollen, soot and dust. It is also applicable for all sorts of water hardness.

During the job we will:

  • Assess your panels for any defects
  • Take photos before and after cleaning. These can be provided to you upon request
  • Record the kw output of the system before cleaning and also on completion

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Eastern Solar Panel Cleaning prices are very competitive ranging from $12 - $14 per panel on a single storey installation with easy access to property.

To request a quote please use our contact form.